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Wear Resistant Submersible Slurry Pump with Agitator

Multiple agitators submersible slurry pump, Sand Pump 29 rows· Submersible slurry pump with agitator is electrical and mechanical pump coaxial integrated into medium, this product uses wear-resisting materials, advanced structure, sewage capability is strong.Except the main impeller, two or three of extra agitators can be equipped to the main pump body to help break and mix the sludge, greatly improve the work efficiency.NO.PUMP TYPEDISCH. DIA((MM))CAP((M³/H))1ZJQA50-21-11100351ZJQA50-21-11100501ZJQA50-21-11100602ZJQA50-26-118035See all 29 rows on sandpumpmachine Agitator Slurry Pumps Piranha Pumps and Dredges A submersible slurry pump without mechanical agitation will only pump the water, leaving the solids behind to accumulate around your pump intake, and eventually starve the pump by blocking the intake. Piranha Slurry Agitator Pumps are available with flotation devices and a variety of options, including electric hoist, traversing winch, floating discharge piping, control panels,

Principal Wear Resistant Submersible Slurry Pump with Agitator

Submersible Sand Pumps with Agitator - Slurry Pump Hydroman™ Submersible Sand Pumps are a world’s standard submersible agitator pump, Capable of transporting up to 70% solids, this pump is born to dredge and has earned itself a ‘solids-handling’ reputation for reliability and durability in the world’s toughest applications, The wear parts are made from high chrome alloy, It is widely used in pumping sand, sludge, ore slurry, coal HAZ75-460T Slurry Pump BJM Permissible heavy duty hard metal agitator submersible slurry dewatering pump. Designed and constructed for abrasive coal slurries. High-chrome iron impeller, wear plate and agitator. Hardened ductile iron volute. Built-in agitator mixes settled solids with pump Submersible Slurry And Sand Pumps Manufacturers and Rugged, reliable and cost effective; the Stormy series pumps come complete with patented high chrome impellers, agitators and wear plates to withstand tough slurry transportation. SS submersible sand pumps are designed wi

Applications Wear Resistant Submersible Slurry Pump with Agitator

-Slurry Pumps with Agitator- Performance Curves -Slurry Pumps with Agitator-The KTD-series is a submersible three-phase cast iron heavy-duty slurry pump. It is equipped with an agitator that assists smooth suction of the settled matters. The pump parts such as the impeller and the suction cover are made of wear-resistant materials. The top discharge, side flow design assures efficient Slurry Pumps Bravo 900 - Grindex Submersible slurry pumps for pumping fluids with abrasive solids. The Bravo 900, our biggest slurry pump, is extremely wear-resistant thanks to the use of Hard-ironTM and the low shaft speed. Equipped with an agitator to enhance the 'up-stirring' capabilities it is a superior quality pump for all kinds of slurry hydraulic submersible sand dredging slurry pump with agitator Hydraulic wear-resistant submersible slurry pump unit, heavyduty submersible dredging pump is suitable for small, medium andlarge multi-series excavators, such as 120, 150, 220, 240, 300, 330,360, etc.

Purchase Wear Resistant Submersible Slurry Pump with Agitator

Submersible Sludge Pump With Slurry Agitator Minerco Pump The overflow features of the pump are constructed from high alloy, wear-resistant material, guaranteeing an extended work life and accommodation of large flow volumes. Applications include conveying media (including sludge, ore slurry, coal slurry, and sandstones containing big solid particles), pumping sand, and tailing slurry, iron, and sand Submersible Sand Pump With Agitator for Hard - Slurry Pump Submersible sand pump with agitator is also known as submersible slurry pump with agitator in which the sand pump and the driving motor are coaxially designed to run stably. The bottom of the slurry pump body is equipped with a stirring impeller. The impeller can stir the deposited sludge to form a turbulent flow and achieve high concentration transportation. Slurry Pumps Bravo 400 - Grindex Submersible slurry pumps for pumping fluids with abrasive solids. The Bravo 400 is extremely wear-resistant thanks to the use of Hard-iron™

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